Ford’s 021C Concept Car Was Years Ahead of its Time, Still Looks Good 20 Years Later

The 1999 Ford 012C Concept was designed by Marc Newson, and still looks relevant, 20+ years later.

An Electric Screen on Wheels

The Byton SUV is an electric concept car with so many screens and cameras inside that it boggles the mind.

Citroën’s Origins

Citroën, one of France’s biggest auto companies, has a long and storied past, as well as some of the funniest and coolest looking cars on the road. The website, Citroën Origins, is an excellent time capsule and timeline of their cars, going back to 1919. Their 1956 C10 is so cool, I could definitely seeContinue reading “Citroën’s Origins”

Zebra Boat

We can’t quite figure out if The Zebra is a concept only, or if it’s for sale. But with such devastating good looks, we don’t really care. Designed by Dimitri Bez, The Zebra evokes the classic forms of great speed boats of the past, but with a refined geo-minimalism that is just stunning. Add theContinue reading “Zebra Boat”