Foster + Partners Designs Vertiport Terminal for Dubai, Showcases the Future of VTOL Transport

The design for the DXB Vertiport in Dubai is still preliminary, but flights of such aircraft are expected to start in 2026.

Ford’s 021C Concept Car Was Years Ahead of its Time, Still Looks Good 20 Years Later

The 1999 Ford 012C Concept was designed by Marc Newson, and still looks relevant, 20+ years later.

Renault’s Morphoz Concept Car Stretches to Accommodate More

The Renault Morphoz is a new concept car which can physically change it’s size and shape to accommodate different types of travel.

“Glitched” Plymouth Stands in Edmonton

This 1988 Plymouth Caravelle has been “glitched”, and made into a fascinating sculpture pushes the boundaries of physical surrealism.

Tesla’s Wild Cybertruck Already Has 200,000 Pre-Orders

Elon Musk pitched the Cybertruck as something more powerful and useful than a Ford F-150, while being more affordable.

Remembering Strange And Fantastic Industrial Designer Luigi Colani

Luigi Colani died this week at age 91, and with him, we’ve lost an idiosyncratic and fabulously unique design mind. His work spanned many decades and many industries, from automotive to aeronautical, to consumer goods, like cameras and other devices.