Hyundai’s SEVEN Concept Pushes Their EV Design Lead

Hyundai has taken the EV future seriously, with a new range of cars under the Ioniq nameplate.

Meet Canoo, The World’s First Electric Subscription-Only Car

If you’re encouraged by the transition to a cleaner future, you’re not alone. Dozens of electric car startups have been working hard toward to goal of electric mobility. Canoo is one of those startups, and they officially announced their first vehicle this week. 

Cars Just Want to Have Fun – Amazing Renderings by Chris Labrooy

Chris Labrooy has a way with transforming cars, digitally, to become acrobatic stars you’ve never seen before. We’re impressed by his imagination, taking well known classic sports cars, and tweaking them in ways we’d never have imagined ourselves. 

Zero Labs Introduces the All-Electric, Classic Ford Bronco

Zero Labs plans to create collections of classic cars, fully updated for the 21st century, with modern amenities, and a fully electric drivetrain.