Lincoln’s New Star Concept Ushers in the Brand’s Electric Vision

A sleek concept that hopes to propel a 104 year old automaker into the future.

Detroit Auto Show At a Glance

As a former Michigander and a car design geek, early January always brings NAIAS, or the North American International Auto Show. Here’s a small sampling of some of the more stand-out cars of the show. Acura NSX Concept– Is the NSX really coming back? Acura says yes, with this hot hybrid. 2013 Ford Fusion– CreatedContinue reading “Detroit Auto Show At a Glance”

75 Years Later

Every so often a concept car will come along that initially may make you gasp. The BMW 328 Hommage is one of those. It’s strange, ‘dead-eye’ look is both off-putting and extremely simple and beautiful. The skintight metal wraps the car in an impossibly low stance, and the absence of rearview mirrors add to theContinue reading “75 Years Later”