An Electric Screen on Wheels


Tesla’s interior design has set automotive standards for putting big screens into cars, creating the sci-fi experience that we probably thought about as children.  Other automakers are playing catch up, some of them compensating perhaps a bit too much, trying to cram a ridiculous number of screens and cameras onboard. Take the new Byton  SUV, a Chinese startup debuting this week at CES 2018.  The relatively handsome SUV is positively festooned with cameras and enormous display screens. It makes for impressive photos, but we’re concerned it would be a total visual overload while going down the road, and just speaks to the excess that automakers feel they must equip their cars with.  In fact, Byton isn’t even referring to their SUV as a car at all. Their website calls it “Your next generation smart device.”

With no automotive experience to speak of, Byton definitely feels like one of those companies that might be a total flash in the pan. But with markets finally starting to embrace electric vehicles, it’ll be interesting to see if Chinese companies can create a car that will succeed outside it’s borders. Via Wired:


From the outside, the Byton looks like a pretty normal midsize SUV, except for the lack of door handles and rearview mirrors.


With a projected starting price of $45,000, the Byton SUV is claimed to have over 300 miles of electric range.


In fact, Byton isn’t even referring to their SUV as a car at all. Their website calls it “Your next generation smart device.”

Byton SUV moss and fog
The Byton SUB concept has so many screens and cameras, we wonder if you’d spend any time looking out the windows at all.


byton SUV moss and fog
A ten inch screen occupies most of the steering wheel, in case the massive dashboard display isn’t enough.


Byton SUV moss and Fog
A relatively novel design concept puts a phone cradle into each door handle.
An ominous dashboard camera peering at it’s occupants. Why?
Byton SUV moss and fog
Rear seats equipped with large screens, and what looks like multiple cameras. No explanation given.
Byton electric SUV Moss and Fog
An overhead view of the admittedly futuristic looking Byton electric SUV



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