Tesla’s Wild Cybertruck Already Has 200,000 Pre-Orders

Divisive, definitely. Brutal, surely. Unlike anything else on the road, undeniably.

Elon Musk pitched the Cybertruck as something more powerful and useful than a Ford F-150, while being more affordable. While it won’t hit the roads until late 2021, the specs look like they’ll be truly impressive, with a 14,000 pound towing capacity, and up to 500-mile all-electric range. 


The truck’s ultra-hard stainless steel body is supposedly bulletproof, and the cabin should fit six people comfortably.


Compared against today’s best selling trucks, it looks completely different, all hard angles and sharp corners, but full of cutting-edge technology.


While we aren’t the biggest truck fans, we are huge proponents of electric vehicles, and we’re thrilled to see that dirty, polluting diesel trucks like the Dodge Ram now have some compelling competition. Even more impressive, the Cybertruck starts at $39,800, far lower than many people initially imagined, considering this vehicle doesn’t use any fuel, and doesn’t need any oil changes.

As of this post, there are an estimated 200,000 pre-orders for the truck, which is scheduled to go into production toward the end of 2021. That proves that even with a wild, futuristic design, there’s a lot of interest in an all-electric truck. ⚡️



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