Remembering Strange And Fantastic Industrial Designer Luigi Colani

Luigi Colani died this week at age 91, and with him, we’ve lost an idiosyncratic and fabulously unique design mind. His work spanned many decades and many industries, from automotive to aeronautical, to consumer goods, like cameras and other devices.

Glow Road

© Studio Roosegaarde A look at roads of the future. Via Treehugger: Back in October we told you about how infrastructure designers in the Netherlands have decided that the country’s highways need a major high-tech makeover and now those ideas are becoming reality. The Netherlands will start experimenting with photoluminescent paint on roads that charges in sunlightContinue reading “Glow Road”

Ropes as Sculpture

Defringe has a cool look at the work of Moneyless, who does abstract sculptures using rope. In our modern world of 3D rendering, the physical ropes often look superimposed on the scene. Moneyless creates the next level of what the Spanish La Pluma Eléctri*k street art crew calls Spider Tags: Two and three dimensional abstractContinue reading “Ropes as Sculpture”

Riding the Bus Gets Sexy

This video has been out for a few days, but it’s hilarious enough to share again. Commissioned by the Danish government to encourage public transit, the ad brings a ride on the bus to a whole new dimension. Thanks, Midttrafik. I think you did the job smashingly.

Stockholm’s Subterranean Art

After spending several days in NYC, their impressive network of subways is an uncontested success, a triumph of engineering and transportation. Their ability to whisk people around far-flung parts of the city is phenomenal. But despite all of the function, their form can’t match the artistic whimsy and intrepidness of Stockholm Sweden. Wow. Via BuzzHuntUKContinue reading “Stockholm’s Subterranean Art”

Curiosity Gets More Curious

NASA did it. In a stunningly perfect landing, they did what the Russians have failed to do nineteen times in a row: land a craft on Mars. But no matter, the whole world gets to share in this endeavor. In what was surely the most complicated maneuver imagined for a planetary mission, Mars Science LaboratoryContinue reading “Curiosity Gets More Curious”

Izhar Gafni’s Awesome Cardboard Bike

Izhar Gafni is definitely someone I’d like on my side if the Apocalypse ever hits. An engineer by training, this Israeli set out to prove that a cardboard bike isn’t just technically feasible-but that it can look cool at the same time. Via Cnet: Gafni ran his idea by some engineers who told him toContinue reading “Izhar Gafni’s Awesome Cardboard Bike”

California’s High Speed Rail Inches Forward

I’ve always been a big fan of high-speed rail, and I’ve been embarrassed that other countries have sped past the United States for decades, when it comes to transportation. Japan’s Shinkansen HSR (high speed rail) system has been operating since 1964, five years before we landed men on the moon. Yet somehow in the ensuingContinue reading “California’s High Speed Rail Inches Forward”

Tesla: Exceeding Expectations

I’m a sucker for new technology, especially when it is smart and clean.  And I have followed the development of the next car from Tesla for a number of years. It’s called the Model S, and it hopes to compete head-to-head with internal combustion luxury cars like the Mercedes E-Class and BMW 5 Series. However,Continue reading “Tesla: Exceeding Expectations”