Remembering Strange And Fantastic Industrial Designer Luigi Colani

Luigi Colani died this week at age 91, and with him, we’ve lost an idiosyncratic and fabulously unique design mind. His work spanned many decades and many industries, from automotive to aeronautical, to consumer goods, like cameras and other devices.

His characteristic ‘swoops’ and wildly futuristic forms will remain his touchstone, creating concepts that were often decades before their time. Some of them were rather….ungainly, shall we say, but nothing he designed was boring. And to us, that’s the sign of a great designer. Always pushing, sometimes failing, but never boring. Enjoy a look at some of his strange and wonderful designs below. Via Jalopnik and Dark Roasted Blend:

lg10lg19luigi colani5luigi colani9luigi colani14luigi colani15luigi colani18nsnfquxhrcikv8hgbcsyKONICA MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERAKONICA MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERAqzvmeryk2wjbrlqeyu1c

“Soft shapes follow us through life. Nature does not make angles. Hips and bellies and breasts — all the best designers have to do with erotic shapes and fluidity of form.”




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