Lincoln’s Model L100 Concept Pays Tribute to 100 Years as a Company

Lincoln, the luxury division of Ford, has officially been around for 100 years, with their original Model L selling in 1922.

Despite it selling in pretty low numbers, Lincoln continues to try to establish it as the other American luxury brand, competing directly with Cadillac, among others.

To commemorate that 100 year milestone, the company has unveiled their L100 Concept, a huge, low, and sleek car, brimming with technology and novel ideas.

From rear-hinged, dramatic doors to a ‘light and sound symphony’ greeting passengers, the L100 has all the hallmarks of a good concept car. Will it reach production? Absolutely not. But as a concept, it’s a strong one.

Read more on TopGear.

From Lincoln:

“We are at a special moment in our history,” said Lincoln president, Joy Falotico. “Over the last 100 years, Lincoln has pioneered multiple innovations and pushed the boundaries of design that have come to define our brand as we know and love it today.

“With the Model L100 Concept, we reimagine what the Lincoln sanctuary might look like for our clients of tomorrow moving us forward to define the next chapter of the Lincoln story.”


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