Humble Motors Hopes to Harness the Sun to Help Charge EVs

As electric vehicles become more commonplace, the issue of charging batteries becomes more of a larger discussion.

Battery density, power efficiency, aerodynamics and charging speeds can all contribute to better experiences and longer ranges.

Humble Motors wants to lean into the power of the sun, harnessing next-generation solar energy in rooftop panels to add 15+ miles of range to the battery everyday. For reference, that’s significant versus today’s off the shelf solar panels.

Their Humble One EV is an aggressively-stanced crossover with hopes to hit the market in 2026.

While Humble remains an early-stage startup with a lot yet to prove, it’s exciting to see companies like this tackling the problem of solar charging.

“We believe the future of global transportation is solar powered.

By integrating panels into an EV, we can harness the power of the sun while we drive. Today, automobiles are still too dependant on nonrenewable energy; even electric vehicles rely on America’s energy grid, 70% of which is powered by fossil fuels.

Instead, by integrating solar technology into an electric vehicle, we can generate the clean energy we need directly into our cars.”

“Humble Motors has set itself apart from the electric vehicle market through a focus on ground-breaking technological innovations. These include solar panels that are seamlessly integrated into the roof and windows of the vehicle.”


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