Dacia’s Manifesto Concept Car Wants You to Get Out in the Wild

We’re excited to see a future where electric vehicles take all shapes and sizes, from large, streamlined grand tourers to small, off-road adventure cars.

Dacia, a Romanian automaker, has an awesome concept called the Manifesto, a diminutive yet powerful-looking two seater that’s angular and geared up for the outdoors.

With no doors or even windshield, the Manifesto is more like an off-road dune buggy or moon rover than a traditional car. It has body panels made of Starkle, a new material that incorporates 20% recycled plastic without sacrificing strength. The ultra lightweight design also mean it will be able to go further on an electric charge than most EVs.

The tires are also airless, and promise to last as long as the vehicle itself.

A very intriguing concept, for sure. See the Dacia website for more info.

“Manifesto is a super compact and fully open SUV, so passengers can feel at one with nature. This light-weight, silent companion prioritises agility above speed. With this type of vehicle, you can easily deliver supplies to mountain retreats or check on an outdoor facility.”

The seat covers remove and turn into sleeping bags, creating a multi-purpose interior.


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