Mini’s New Aceman Concept Showcases a Small, Fun EV Design

Mini has always been known for compact, fun driving experiences, with driver-focused cars, and a particular emphasis on design and quality.

Their Aceman concept points toward the next few years of electrification, and the ways Mini hopes to create fun, compelling vehicles that feel personal, colorful, and exciting.

The car’s exterior allows for LED customization, like the use of their trademark Union Jack flag in pixel form. The interior utilizes recycled materials and strays from using leather or chrome, opting for more eco-friendly ones. Seats showcase funky, graffiti-esque designs, a distinctively playful feel from an automaker.

The familiar circular dash design has been modernized to use a full circle OLED panel, integrating a number of smart features and fun modes, similar to Tesla’s Toybox.

Expect to see a production-ready version of the Aceman in 2024, hopefully retaining many of the fun and colorful features of this concept design.

“The MINI Concept Aceman represents a new era of more sustainable, connected cars and combines tech advances, charismatic simplicity and driving excitement.”



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