Cars Just Want to Have Fun – Amazing Renderings by Chris Labrooy

Chris Labrooy has a way with transforming cars, digitally, to become acrobatic stars you’ve never seen before. We’re impressed by his imagination, taking well known classic sports cars, and tweaking them in ways we’d never have imagined ourselves. 

Drive Clark Griswold’s Family Wagon

Fashion yourself a stylish, adventuresome father figure? How about you bid on a recreation Wagon Queen Family Truckster from National Lampoon’s Vacation? You’d definitely be considered the coolest person on the block, and probably also the goofiest. 

Mercedes Benz Helps Blind Man Drive on Oregon’s Alvord Desert

An ad for Mercedes-Benz, helping a blind auto mechanic achieve his lifelong dream of driving fast, on Oregon’s Alvord Desert.

BMW’s Autonomous Motorcycle of the Future

BMW’s Vision Next 100 is an unabashedly futuristic look at motorcycles. Their bike is an autonomous, self-balancing machine, capable or reading your intention, and getting you to the destination, fast. Able to read the road and alert riders of road dangers, they claim the safety of the motorcycle will remove the need for helmets entirely.Continue reading “BMW’s Autonomous Motorcycle of the Future”

Zebra Boat

We can’t quite figure out if The Zebra is a concept only, or if it’s for sale. But with such devastating good looks, we don’t really care. Designed by Dimitri Bez, The Zebra evokes the classic forms of great speed boats of the past, but with a refined geo-minimalism that is just stunning. Add theContinue reading “Zebra Boat”

Mercedes F 015

As a car design geek, it’s always fun to see what automakers have up their sleeves for the future. Often a company will release a concept car that is stylistically cutting-edge, but basically just a shiny paperweight, it doesn’t operate or move the conversation very much. When Mercedes released their vision for the car ofContinue reading “Mercedes F 015”

Volvo Concept C

A super refined concept car from Volvo, pointing at their future design direction. very well executed. I’ve always loved the no compromises approach of concept cars, which hold a level of sophistication and finesse that showcase the purity of a design. Via DesignBoom: Led by Thomas Ingenlath, Senior Vice President of design for Volvo.


A pretty neat futuristic mode of transit, looking to come to Tel Aviv and other cities in the near future. Via DesignBoom: Tel Aviv is set to become the world’s first city with the magnetically levitating skytran system of mass transit, described by its developers as ‘the Jetsons made into real life’. designed to reduceContinue reading “Skytran”

Making the Tesla Model S

It’s no secret that I’m a huge fan of Tesla. I think their business model, products, and mission are spot-on. Elon Musk was wise to purchase a defunct Toyota assembly plant during the economic downturn, and revamped it into Tesla’s manufacturing and assembly superfloor. Wired Magazine takes a look at the car getting assembled usingContinue reading “Making the Tesla Model S”