Nissan’s Surf Out Concept Is a Sleek, Fun EV Meant for Adventure

The world of EV trucks is rapidly expanding, with entrants from Ford, Tesla, GMC, Rivian, Chevy, Canoo, Ram, and others.

Nissan is joining the party, with a sporty new concept called the Surf Out, which shares some of their latest design language, in a smaller, more nimble package.

We haven’t seen a smaller electric pickup on the market yet, and are eager to see something like this hit the roads.  Featuring a streamlined body with full frontal light bar, the truck has oversized wheels, minimal, high-tech cabin, and even a customizable LED tailgate, which is meant to communicate personality.

The truck also features an optional pickup cap, which is sleekly designed to make the vehicle feel more like a coupe than a truck.

For more on the world of electric vehicles, make sure to check out our sister website, Electric Future

It’s refreshing to see a truck concept that is diminutive and sporty versus the ever-growing SUVs and trucks that are hitting the road.

The roof has a sleek overhang which gives it a fun appearance and should help with aerodynamics.

The glass front of the Nissan shows you direct access to the cabin, and also plays up the fact that no engine or transmission is needed. This flourish is unlikely to make it to production.

The rear of the truck has a customizable LED tailgate, giving users the ability to share messages, emoji and more.

The interior is minimal, and has a wraparound drive display, which feels appropriately concept-like for this vehicle.

For more on the world of electric vehicles, make sure to check out our sister website, Electric Future


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