Peugeot’s Inception Concept Cuts Like a Knife

The Peugeot Inception is the type of concept car that excites us, full of design-forward ideas, exaggerated angles, and technology on the cutting edge of what’s next.

This EV concept is sharp and angular, both inside and out, feel like it’s been sculpted with a scalpel, and made to cut through the wind.

A huge glass windshield dives down into the bonnet below the belt line, accentuating the car’s haunches, and giving accessional light into the cabin.

The interior has a dramatic tilted form, utilizing square and triangle forms that feel brutalist and minimalist, even while comforting passengers. We like the way the interior echoes the sharp, knife-like feel of the exterior.

A steering wheel is replaced with Peugeot’s “Hypersquare”, a steering device that speaks to a coming era of autonomous driving.

All in all, an exciting concept car that we imagine will inspire the next ten years of automotive design for the French brand.


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