A Look Back at Wild Retro-Futuristic Cars

Mostly from the 1940s and 50s, we see a naive but also optimistic future.

Riding the Bus Gets Sexy

This video has been out for a few days, but it’s hilarious enough to share again. Commissioned by the Danish government to encourage public transit, the ad brings a ride on the bus to a whole new dimension. Thanks,¬†Midttrafik. I think you did the job smashingly.

Izhar Gafni’s Awesome Cardboard Bike

Izhar Gafni is definitely someone I’d like on my side if the Apocalypse ever hits. An engineer by training, this Israeli set out to prove that a cardboard bike isn’t just technically feasible-but that it can look cool at the same time. Via Cnet: Gafni ran his idea by some engineers who told him toContinue reading “Izhar Gafni’s Awesome Cardboard Bike”

Weekend Fun: 8 Of The Ugliest Cars, Ever.

Read up on some of the ugliest cars of all time!

Tesla: Exceeding Expectations

I’m a sucker for new technology, especially when it is smart and clean.¬† And I have followed the development of the next car from Tesla for a number of years. It’s called the Model S, and it hopes to compete head-to-head with internal combustion luxury cars like the Mercedes E-Class and BMW 5 Series. However,Continue reading “Tesla: Exceeding Expectations”

Extinct Sporting Events

Perhaps some sports are best to be left in the past. From the Library of Congress’ Flickr page, some photos of “Auto Polo“, back when the automobile itself was still new. Pretty amazing images.

Tesla Model X

Tesla just released news of their highly anticipated third vehicle, named the Model X. Via Uncrate: Tesla has unveiled its third electric car, and this time they’re aiming for something with a little more utility. The crossover-style Tesla Model X ($50,000-$90,000) can go 0-60 in 4.4 seconds, and sports falcon-wing doors for rear passengers. SpeakingContinue reading “Tesla Model X”

Self Driving Cars: Progress is Happening

Wired’s new issue is all about self-driving cars, and tests are being conducted all over the world on autonomous and semi-autonomous driving systems. Via Wired Autopia, here is a short article about Volvo’s autonomous car testing.¬† You might be reading the paper and not worrying about the road on a commute in your near future…Continue reading “Self Driving Cars: Progress is Happening”