Hyundai’s Ioniq 5 Showcases Wild e-Corner System That Can Drive Sideways

Using a wild new e-Corner system, Hyundai’s Ioniq 5 allows for all four wheels to turn 90 degrees, making it able to perform sideways driving and zero-turns, where it’s turning radius is within the footprint of the car itself.

Watching the Ioniq 5 with ‘Crab Driving’ is mesmerizing, as vehicles aren’t supposed to be able to shuffle sideways like a crustacean.  It’s dramatically better than GM’s Hummer EV, that has rear-wheel steering. In Hyundai’s prototype, the wheels can turn a full 90 degrees, making parallel parking as simple as pulling into a parking spot.

In addition to fancy parking and turning tricks, the e-Corner system allows for better power and space efficiency, with in-wheel motors that free up additional room for other components and batteries.

The technology isn’t expected to make it into production until the late 2020s, but showcases some really cool advances in EV mobility.

“Hyundai Mobis developed the in-wheel system enabling independent control of all four wheels, which has not mass produced yet in the industry.

It enhances power efficiency by reducing the driving system components, and driving performance by controlling of all wheels independently.

The in-wheel system is the future mobility solution essential to e-Corner module that enables zero turns and crab walking.”

Via PR Newswire:

Hyundai Mobis’s in-wheel system is equipped in the e-corner system, an integrated solution that combines electronic steering, braking, and suspension technologies centered around the in-wheel motor.


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