Cars Designed Through the Style of Famous Architects

Some of the most famous architects in the world left a lasting impression on our built society. Their contributions to our cities will be remembered for generations.

What if they designed cars, as well as buildings? Would they look like the architect’s famous creations? Would the car embody their trademark style?

We’ve enlisted AI to help us explore the ‘what if?‘. We used the program MidJourney to help visualize what an architect-derived car might look like. It was a fun visual journey, creating images that fit the time period and overall style of the famous architect in question.


Check out the collection below, and let us know if the cars embody the signature style and feel of the architects’ work.



Frank Lloyd Wright  (1867-1959)




Zaha Hadid  (1950-2016)




Eero Saarinen  (1910-1961)




Antoni Gaudí  (1852-1926)




Santiago Calatrava  (B. 1951)



Kengo Kuma  (B. 1954)



Frank Gehry  (B. 1929)




Renzo Piano  (B. 1937)




Norman Foster  (B. 1935)


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19 thoughts on “Cars Designed Through the Style of Famous Architects

  1. Antoni Gaudi’s work had a way of looking like living creatures evolved to house humans. A car designed by Gaudi should look like a living creature evolved to transport humans.


  2. Very interesting challenge. Buildings are designed for the environment that they are trapped in. Cars are designed to move through the environment to others. The juxtaposition of the two concepts is challenging. I would think that a vehicle designed to change from one environment to another and design and ability would satisfy this concept. DB Williams


  3. Most, of course are totally impractical, but the Norman Foster is the sleekest auto I have seen, but the old 49 Mercury customized is close. Being so low to the ground makes them a part of the road, but alas….what roads do we have they could actually drive on without tearing the body to shreds.


  4. It seems that the Foster car with its 1/8” clearance was likely placed on the cobblestones by a CGI forklift illustration.


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