The Kibb is a Cool, Semi Autonomous Electric ATV for Farmers

Cake is an innovative company building unique, design-centric electric bikes, motorcycles and off-road vehicles. Among other uses, they’ve deployed silent, electric motorbikes to rangers in Africa, who fight poaching.Their latest offering is called the Kibb, which is a pleasantly squat, chunky, and utilitarian feeling vehicle, the EV version of an ATV, or all-terrain vehicle.

Designed to be a super helpful for people working on farms, the Kibb features semi-autonomous functionality, the ability to handle heavy loads, and even the ability to be a mobile power station, opening up all manner of potential uses in agriculture.

CAKE CEO and founder Stefan Ytterborn explains:

Sustainable and responsible farming is vital for healthy ecosystems and we are aiming to make Kibb the number one tool for all future farmers.

We love Cake’s approach to this project, which was born out of a master’s thesis project by Fanny Jonsson from the Umeå Institute of Design.

The idea of designing an eco-friendly vehicle for the assistance of sustainable agriculture resonates to us, and we can see this platform become popular as more and more people realize that our tools and vehicles need to adapt to our global vision to combat climate change.

The Kibb is still under development, aiming to go to market in 2025. You can read more about the vision on Cake’s website.

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