25 Years and Five Generations Later, the Toyota Prius Finally Looks Good

The OG hybrid, the Toyota Prius, has been the butt of many jokes. From being slow and underpowered, to boring and ugly, the Prius has endured all the criticism, selling nearly 10 million copies since it first went on sale in 1997.

Click through the gallery below to see the five generations of Prius. We can’t say any of them are attractive, until possibly this new generation.


For 2023, Toyota finally delivered a sleek, efficient design that also happens to be handsome.

From the more cohesive overall shape and proportions, to the well-integrated lighting and all-glass roof, it’s clear the designers at Toyota were sick of being mocked, and decided to put in the time needed for a properly-designed body.

Inside, the Prius gets a modern makeover too, with a well-integrated display replacing the overly large and cumbersome center console of old.  The joystick knob shifter gets replaced with a modern version as well.

Under the hood, the Prius is available as a 2-liter parallel hybrid, or a plug-in hybrid (PHEV), with an estimated 37 miles of all-electric range. All wheel drive will also improve traction and grip in snowy and wet conditions.


Whether you like cars or not, you’re probably aware of the reputation of a car like the Prius, which for years touted eco-friendly appeal over visual styling.

Now you can theoretically have both, although the choices for all-electric cars is more exciting than ever before.

The Prius continues to have an aerodynamic shape, but this time with a sleek, coupe-like appearance.

The cumbersome interior has been improved as well, this time looking similar to Toyota’s all-electric BZ4X.

The plug-in hybrid variant should be the best version of the Prius, offering all-electric city driving and long hybrid range for extended trips.

Interested in the future of mobility? Check out our sister site, Electric Future, for all-things concept cars and EVs.


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