LEO Coupe Is a Sleek Personal Flying Device

The LEO Coupe is a sleek, futuristic craft that promises to give us the flying cars that we’ve been promised for generations. Formed by  Pete Bitar and Carlos Salaff, LEO Flight, the parent company, hopes to usher in a new era of transportation.

Compact enough to fit in a two car garage, the aerodynamic design uses clusters of powerful electric jets, combined with a redundant safety system, to fit three adults comfortably.

Winner of the 2021 NASA HeroX Award, we hope to see progress from Leo Flight in the near future, with possible mentions of approvals and test launches.


” Penned by award-winning designer Carlos Salaff of SALAFF Automotive and featuring a revolutionary, proven electric propulsion system created by Pete Bitar of Electric Jet Aircraft, the LEO Coupe is the brainchild of two passionate creators who desired to build an aircraft unlike the airplane or helicopter. This is an automobile for the sky — as science fiction has foreseen. “

“250 mph flight speed and one hour of flight time on a charge make rapid commutes to the city from your dream home possible.”

“As an air taxi, LEO’s compactness will allow it to be accessible from most places and spaces. Our cost target is for a single ride to be comparable to leading automotive ridesharing prices.”

“LEO’s compact form makes it ideal for fire rescue, medevac, Coast Guard, tourism, exploration and most any terrain without developed road infrastructure.”


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