Audi Skysphere Concept Looks to the Future

Audi is looking ten years down the road with their Skysphere concept vehicle, which was recently revealed.

The sleek roadster convertible is, of course, an EV, but also has a number of other tricks up its sleeve, with rear opening doors, and a futuristic interior that allows for both traditional driving and autonomous modes.

In addition, the car can actually stretch or shrink its wheelbase up to 250 mm (about 10 inches), for different driving stances and performance.

With a click of a button, the steering wheel and pedals disappear into the dashboard and floorboard, revealing a fully-self-drive mode. The entire dash is made up of configurable display screens, and the car’s expressive lighting communicates to both passengers and bystanders alike.

Designers claim they were partly inspired by the classic 1937 Horch 853 Roadster, a legendary Audi that helped define the grand touring era.

“With the touch of button, the driver can take advantage of their freedom and choose their own driving experience– either they pilot their 4.94-meter-long e-roadster themselves in “Sports” mode with a reduced wheelbase, while the rear-wheel steering ensures that the vehicle remains extremely agile despite its dimensions. Or they can choose to be chauffeured around in a 5.19-meter GT in the autonomous “Grand Touring” driving mode while enjoying the sky and the scenery, maximum legroom, and the services offered by a seamlessly integrated digital ecosystem.”



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