The Hyperion, a Fuel Cell Supercar With a 1,000 Mile Range

Even with battery-electric vehicles on the rise, fuel-cell cars haven’t quite gone away. There have been some automakers that insist there’s a market for fuel cell cars, which use compressed hydrogen to power their motors.

The downside of fuel cells is the danger of driving around with a large tank of highly explosive hydrogen, and the fact that there are very few refueling stations anywhere. The plus side, the range of fuel cells is excellent.

The Hyperion XP-1 is a wild supercar, offering a 220 mph top speed, a 2.2 second zero to sixty acceleration, and an eye-popping 1,000 mile range. That would be twice the range of an internal combustion car, let alone a battery electric.


The company, based in California, has just revealed the XP-1, and it admittedly looks amazing. Dramatic swoops, an appropriately angry face, and staggering specs make for an impressive automobile. Hyperion also announced they’ll be building out their own refueling network specifically for the XP-1. No pricing has been announced, but as only 300 of these supercars will be made, we can assume they’ll be very expensive indeed.

Via Jalopnik:

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