Lightyear One Solar Electric Car


The Lightyear One is a new electric car, many years in the making, and sporting a unique trick: the roof and hood of the car are covered with five square meters of solar cells. This additional energy capture brings the car’s total range to 450 miles, the most of any electric car to date. (Tesla’s upcoming Roadster promises over 600 miles).  Born from a team that competed in the World Solar Challenge in Australia, the car is their very first model.

The solar cells are beneath safety glass, meaning you won’t have to worry about them be damaged or broken. Inside is a clean, modern interior, with all of the amenities you’d expect from a sleek electric car. They don’t provide all of the car’s power, meaning you’ll still need to plug in. But the addition of solar means extra range, and street cred of being able to take energy directly from the sun overhead.

Preorders for the first 500 Lightyear Ones are going on now, with a reservation price of €119,000 (around $135,000). That’s significantly higher than Tesla’s base price, and more than the base of Porsche’s forthcoming Taycan. We’ll be curious to see if this remains a niche offering, or if Lightyear might join the ranks of up and coming electric automakers. Via The Verge:



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