Mercedes Unveils the EQXX, an Ultra-long Range, Luxury EV Concept

As EVs become more mainstream, their range will need to grow to accommodate all types of trips and distances. The highest current range goes to the Lucid Air, which can reach over 500 miles on a single charge.

Mercedes one ups that with their brand new Vision EQXX concept, unveiled virtually this week at CES.

The slippery, solar-equipped concept can go an impressive 1,000 km, or 648 miles on a single charge. The concept does this using a number of clever engineering tricks, and an exterior that has an ultra low drag coefficient.


Mercedes is “pull[ing] out all the stops in drivetrain efficiency, energy density, aerodynamics, and lightweight design… The result is an efficiency masterpiece.”

Step inside, and it has all of the hallmarks of a futuristic EV from Mercedes:

The interior of the Vision EQXX features a massive 47.5-inch screen that stretches the full width of the vehicle, a nod to the company’s new Hyperscreen infotainment display. But unlike the Hyperscreen, which is an amalgam of three separate screens set inside one solid, 56-inch piece of glass, the Vision EQXX’s screen is a one-piece display that will also feature 8K resolution and cutting edge graphics.

In addition to luxurious, high-tech features, Mercedes went to significant lengths developing and harnessing natural materials for the interior.

“Mercedes-Benz has forged new paths when developing the interior. The VISION EQXX features a surprising mix of sustainable materials in its interior: from mushrooms to bamboo, cactus and vegan silk. These show that it is still possible to achieve the utmost in automotive luxury without using animal products, whilst creating an inimitable feeling of premium comfort. This fascinating journey has halved the carbon footprint of the leather alone.”

Overall, it’s a very impressive effort from Mercedes, who have made big leaps toward electrifying their entire lineup, and plan to stop producing internal combustion engines entirely.   We can imagine the technologies and learnings from the Vision EQXX concept will be put into place in their vehicles in the near future. Via The Verge:


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