Clarity Bike

Via Dezeen: No, this bike is not made out of glass. The Clarity bike is the next project within the material focus of designaffairs’ studio projects which focus on using amazing materials of our library in new contexts. We believe that the Clarity Bike could be a giant leap forward in bicycle frame engineering andContinue reading “Clarity Bike”

Glow Road

© Studio Roosegaarde A look at roads of the future. Via Treehugger: Back in October we told you about how infrastructure designers in the Netherlands have decided that the country’s highways need a major high-tech makeover and now those ideas are becoming reality. The Netherlands will start experimenting with photoluminescent paint on roads that charges in sunlightContinue reading “Glow Road”

Curiosity Gets More Curious

NASA did it. In a stunningly perfect landing, they did what the Russians have failed to do nineteen times in a row: land a craft on Mars. But no matter, the whole world gets to share in this endeavor. In what was surely the most complicated maneuver imagined for a planetary mission, Mars Science LaboratoryContinue reading “Curiosity Gets More Curious”

Faraday Porteur

Hot on the heels of a story of a cardboard bike comes something a little more high tech, but similarly ingenious. Just two blocks from my office is a bicycle in a front window that won the 2011 Oregon Manifest award. The bicycle in question is called the Faraday, and it is a collaboration betweenContinue reading “Faraday Porteur”

California’s High Speed Rail Inches Forward

I’ve always been a big fan of high-speed rail, and I’ve been embarrassed that other countries have sped past the United States for decades, when it comes to transportation. Japan’s Shinkansen HSR (high speed rail) system has been operating since 1964, five years before we landed men on the moon. Yet somehow in the ensuingContinue reading “California’s High Speed Rail Inches Forward”

The Great Gatsby, 3D

Epic is an overused phrase, but it seems apt in describing Baz Luhrmann’s upcoming adaptation of The Great Gatsby, F. Scott Fitzgerald’s famous novel. Maybe you haven’t read the book since high school, but you probably never imagined it as lushly or cinematically as this interpretation. Shot in the latest 3D technology, this film releasesContinue reading “The Great Gatsby, 3D”

Bizarrely Excellent

The Geneva Auto Show just began, and Toyota’s new far-out concept car stands out from the crowd. Via DesignBoom: the ‘ft-bh’ concept hybrid by toyota has just been debuted at geneva motor show 2012, intended as an ultralight  B-segment family car that attains less than half the CO2 emissions of the efficient Toyota Yaris (achieveingContinue reading “Bizarrely Excellent”

Government Looks to Raise Fuel Economy Standards

62 MPG. Let that number sink in. Very good news for the planet, and for technology! Via TIME: Environmentalists can take President Obama to task for more than a few disappointments over the first two years of his Administration—and some of them have—but one area where the White House has fulfilled its green pledges isContinue reading “Government Looks to Raise Fuel Economy Standards”

Toxic cities mock ‘healthy’ cycle riding – Times Online

Highly disturbing and frustrating article on biking. “CYCLING to work may seem the healthy option, but a study has shown that people riding in cities inhale tens of millions of toxic nanoparticles with every breath, at least five times more than drivers or pedestrians.” Continue reading…. Toxic cities mock ‘healthy’ cycle riding – Times Online.