Vintage Cars of Havana

Cuba is known for it’s classic cars, mostly of American origin, and many of them from the 40s, 50s, and 60s. These cars have been the mainstay of Cuban residents, as auto embargoes have limited new cars to the island nation. Indeed, some of the world’s best mechanics are known to reside in Cuba, required to keep these old yet beautiful cars running. This series of vintage cars in Havana is by Munich-based photographer Thomas Kalak, and showcases a slew of beautiful rides, in all manner of repair. We appreciate seeing some of the wear and tear, the broken down rides, and the authenticity of cars on Cuba’s streets.  As appreciators of automotive design, it’s amazing to see this living history still being used on the streets of Havana.  See more of Kalak’s work on Instagram. Via Fubiz:



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