Tesla Model X

Tesla just released news of their highly anticipated third vehicle, named the Model X.

Via Uncrate:

Tesla has unveiled its third electric car, and this time they’re aiming for something with a little more utility. The crossover-style Tesla Model X ($50,000-$90,000) can go 0-60 in 4.4 seconds, and sports falcon-wing doors for rear passengers. Speaking of your human cargo, the Model X will hold seven passengers and their luggage, thanks to battery placement that lets you put your junk in a rear trunk and a front trunk. The Model X, which is pretty heavily based on the Model S, also has all-wheel drive and should let you go 160-300 miles on a full charge, depending on which battery configuration you spring for. Tesla plans to start production in 2013. Pre-orders start at noon today.

Model X doesn’t use a drop of gasoline. You can finally live a big-car lifestyle without living at the pump. And, by replacing your big gas guzzler with a Tesla, you’re playing a significant role in reducing emissions. Incredible driving range, powered by a 60 or 85 kWh battery, is yours for the taking.

Via GigaOm- watch a video of Elon Musk describing the car in detail.


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